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The qualified and understanding team at Family Law Experts can guide you through any of the following areas of parenting and custody disputes. In Australia, these matters are dealt with through mediation or through the Family, Federal or Local Courts.

Parenting Orders

After a separation, if an agreement cannot be reached during mediation sessions, formal court procedures may be required to determine which parent or guardian a child will live with and the amount of time they will be required / permitted to spend with the other parent or party applying for custody.

A child themselves may apply for parenting orders, as may a grandparent or another person concerned with the child’s wellbeing. Under some circumstances, same sex partners from a de facto relationship also have the right to apply for custody.

Decisions relating to parenting orders will be made through a court hearing.

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Best Interests

In a difficult custody situation, the court’s responsibility is to make a decision in the best interests of the child or children involved. Both the child’s safety and the relationship they have with the parties applying for custody will be taken into consideration.

The court’s role is to consider the requests of all parties as well as the history of each party’s relationship with the child.

When making a decision, the court also considers the child’s age, the willingness of the parent for the child to maintain a relationship with the other party, the practical coordination of custody arrangements, each party’s ability to care for the child, any family violence history and other issues that may resolve or cause conflict. The child’s explicit wishes may also be taken into account, depending on their age and the circumstances.

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Child Support

Depending on the outcome of a custody hearing, one party may be required to contribute child support for children under the age of 18.

The amount you pay may be a periodic payment, non-periodic payment or a lump sum payment. It will be determined based on income and the percentage of care for the child.

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After a separation, one party may wish to relocate for work, family or personal reasons. In some cases, approval may be required from the courts.

When applying to relocate, you must clarify why the relocation is in the best interest of the child or children involved. You may be asked to explain how and when the child will be able to visit and contact the other parent or guardian.

While you have a right to freedom of movement, the decision taken by the courts will be in regards to what is best for the child involved.

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Other issues

Name changes, permission for overseas travel, changeover guidelines and supervised access time are other areas that may require the assistance of someone who is professionally qualified in family law.

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