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Since 1991, Barwick Boitano has guided families through child custody and living arrangement disputes. Our knowledgeable, sensitive approach means we are able to help families to come to an agreement.

Facts about Child Custody

Child related issues fall under the Family Law Act of 1975 and are handled through the Local, Family and Federal Courts. Child custody cases relate to where children live and who is responsible for their financial support. Whether you are married, de facto, same sex or adoptive parents, the same rules for child custody, child support and where children reside apply.

In some cases, grandparents, other relatives or carers who are concerned about the welfare of a child may make an application to the court that relates to parenting orders.

Experienced child custody lawyers

In the event of a divorce or relationship breakdown, it can be very difficult to find the best way forwards for the entire family. With stress and emotions running high, making decisions can be fraught with difficulty.

A specialist in child custody law can help you work towards a non-biased outcome that has the best interests of all parties in mind.

Reduce the stress of child custody negotiation

The team at Barwick Boitano is highly experienced in dealing with family law in Australia and is able to be highly sensitive to the needs of children.

Your child custody lawyer will explain the ins and outs of child custody and parental support laws within Australia. We will make sure you are clear on all your rights and those of your former partner.

The best result for all

Nobody wants to involve children in a complicated, drawn out legal custody battle.

Work with the team at Barwick Boitano to reach a positive resolution in as little time as possible.

More than a number

We treat all our clients as individuals at Barwick Boitano by getting to know you and the unique needs of your family.

Ease the stress of a painful separation by allowing us to help you finalise the custody and support concerns surrounding your children.

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